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Pistachios in shell

Shelled peanuts are rich in minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and iron. It is also a rich source of protein and fatty acids and has a high nutritional value.

Its fats are mainly unsaturated and beneficial for heart health.

In addition, it contains significant amounts of antioxidant components.



Nutritional value of shelled peanuts per 100 grams is:
  Energy: 567 calories
  Protein: 20.6 grams
  Fat: 46.4 grams (most of which is unsaturated)
  Carbohydrates: 28.2 grams
  Sulfate: 290 mg
  Phosphorus: 376 mg
  Magnesium: 168 mg
 Plant Fiber: 8.2 grams
 Vitamin E: 8.3 mg